Virgo’s Ruler – Mercury – in Virgo Galaxy NGC 5037 | Giclée Print On Canvas


In astrological terms, Mercury – the nearest planet to the sun – is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Virgo. Here Mercury is conceived looking over the edge of galaxy NGC 5037, a distant spiral galaxy in the Virgo cluster. NGC 5037 lies about 150 million light-years away from Earth, and yet it is possible to see the delicate structures of gas and dust within the galaxy in extraordinary detail, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Camera.

  • Free Frame and Shipping
  • Artist’s original work
  • High-resolution Giclee art print on Canvas
  • Art work actual size: 84*128cm (excluding frame)
  • Limited edition of 25 all signed by the artist

Space image: ESA/Hubble & NASA, composition and conception by the artist.