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A Fertile Imagination – Hand-Drawn Pen & Ink Original

A Fertile Imagination is an unapologetic rejection of male criticism of women.

“I owe much of my artistic inspiration to fits of rage," says Judi Thomas. "I was determined not to expose myself emotionally to my ex, and learned to transform his criticisms into drawings."

The piece is one of a series of Judi's works that deal with male aggression towards the feminine (others include ‘She Stands accused of Dreaming’ and ‘Her Words are Witchcraft’), "pieces which are essentially me, vomiting my fury," says Judi.

A Fertile Imagination is more playful than angry, though, and reflects Judi's burgeoning confidence in her role as an artist - by the time it had been created she had sold her first few pieces and had several artist residencies,  "I had begun to step fully into myself, and no longer felt required to justify my work.”

  • Original hand-drawn pen & ink illustration
  • 420mm*594mm (A2)
  • Comes with free shipping and mount.

Listen to artist Judi Thomas talking about her artwork 'A Fertile Imagination' here

by Contempori

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Judi Thomas
Judi Thomas blends stark imagery with complex detail, merging Art Nouveau with the surreal, often drawing parallels with the controversial Art Nouveau specialist: Aubrey Beardsley.

She has an avid collector base from the feminist-centred and invite-only parties that Judi curates. Her work is often confrontational, and her erotic work has seen her banned from Amazon and, at times, from Facebook.

“I do political art, I get banned from Amazon for my erotic colouring books, and my facebook gets shut down because there are nipples, so it’s not without confrontation.”

She’s regularly commissioned for individual portraits, and for her intimate, often erotic works.

A willingness to confront injustice has run through Judi’s life. South African-born, as a student, Judi was often arrested as part of the anti-aparteid movement in South Africa, prior to the release of Nelson Mandela.

Today the fetish scene of her home town in Brighton, UK, feeds into her art. “As a feminist, I find the whole fetish thing very interesting territory. I absolutely believe that the people have the strength to be revolting if they wanted to. I’m all for civil disobedience.”

“I find the human body beautiful,” says Judi, “in all its complexity, intricacy and mess. The human body one of the most stunning, organic machines in existence.”

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