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About Contempori

Contempori is a collective of graphic designers and web developers who represent challenging artists.

Using our tech skills, we introduce impactful art to a relevant audience.

We sell art on which to plant your flag.

The understories, the overlooked, and the unfair.

After all, it’s your wall.

And by spending hard-earned cash, your art should at least provoke something more than “oooh, that’s nice”.

Our art challenges. It’s unashamed. A shield against the haters.

Most artists are no good at publicity. Indeed: why should they be? But how many brilliant artists cannot get their best stuff accepted via the usual channels either because they’re not to the taste of those who control those channels, or perhaps they’re a little too risque?

So: here at Contempori we put our tech knowledge to good use. We create a cross-format digital ecosystem around our artists’ personalities and their work, and then spread the message via a blend of organic and paid marketing.

We sell art that thrills with clan and says: “make no mistake – for me this is personal.”

Maggi Hambling, 2016. Painted in response to asylum seekers drowning in the Mediterranean. The seascape seems reminiscent of a hovering press helicopter. “I kept seeing pictures. Boats were being abandoned by traffickers and left to drift and disapper,” Hambling said.

Deanna Petherbridge, The Destruction of the City of Homs. A response to the civil war in Syria. Having grown up under apartheid in South Africa, Petherbridge created politically charged work throughout her career. In this drawing, the city of Homs in Syria is shown in tatters.

Much art these days has become about simply showing off. Sure, it’s got bright colours. It might even generate a sh*t-eating grin. But essentially there’s nothing there. It’s a gimmick.

Well, that’s not for us. Art should shout. It should have an opinion and make you think. And it should show you things in a way that you’ve never seen before.

Are teenage boys are undeserved by an unthinking culture of pseudo-positivity? Why should women feel ashamed in their bodies? Do white people have an underlying experience of privilege? Art that explores these kind of things is an attitude in itself. Everything is political.

At Contempori we like artists who are not afraid to speak out. We like them so much that we give them a platform to air their views. After all, art lives within a context. It’s one thing painting a Micky Mouse. It’s quite another stenciling it on the wall that separates Israel and Palestine.

Indeed, artists are well placed to take on these difficult subjects. That’s because it’s supremely hard to make something without thinking about what you’re doing.

So – at the very least – the production of art facilitates considered opinions.

And in a world of throwaway memes, thank Zeus for that.

A Very Good Service

I have twice bought pictures from Contempori, having viewed them online, and on both occassions the process was very easy and simple. Having made contact via phone and email, once payment was done the artwork was posted to me incredibly quickly with no extra charge. Contempori provide a very good service.

Val Tivoli, Stockton-on-Tees

Extremely Pleased with My Purchase

I am extremely pleased with the painting and my experience with Contempori! I was a little wary purchasing online, but I couldn’t be happier. With quality packaging, Contempori made very sure to keep the painting in perfect condition during transport. I’d definitely make another purchase.

E Thain, London

About Will

Contempori is curated by Will Cottrell, a serial entrepreneur and art aficionado.

Will has founded solar companies, magazines, ecommerce websites and holiday operator – all built on solid foundations of digital marketing.

Contemporary is his latest venture, and runs from where he lives near the Tate gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, UK.

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