I integrate pen, paint, digital, projections and print. My works often come from my passion for Carl Jung and my encounters with my unconscious. I also have a great liking of Dali – for me, there’s a deeper reality than the obvious one – a reality of symbols, myths and dreams; a reality that is deeply surreal. What I aspire to is to express this world.


Over the years I’ve often produced large-scale artworks, usually around the theme of environmental politics. I was highly active in the UK’s anti-fracking movement, and produced several banners like this one –

My Backstory

I studied graphic design 20 years ago at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University. Foolishly I had decided to start an English magazine; the winter of 1999 saw me in the university library hacking text and images into a form where they would sit well in a design. What I was doing (although I didn’t realise it then) was learning composition.

The magazine went spectacularly bust, and a few years later I found myself in Egypt, where I began selling yoga holidays. I needed a website and so began my second design learning. Back then websites were fairly new – and creating something aesthetically pleasing that also worked as a sales tool took me many months in a dusty internet cafe on the Red Sea coast.

Along with websites I began producing videos. Not much still exists from that time, but this is one promo video I made with friends in Egypt’s Sinai desert.


Since I got back from Egypt I’ve been an environmental activist and also in business. I’ve made digital 3D models of solar systems, anti-fracking campaign materials, and a collection of yoga dolls.

I also began to teach acroyoga, an intensely aesthetic (as well as fun) sort of yoga, and whose visuals inspired me to make videos.

More recently I entered into Jungian analysis and realised that there were deep parts of myself that I had no idea existed. Part of analysis is to try to represent what we find; when I understood that my drawings of my dreams were not up to scratch I knew a new part of my life had begun – and I began to draw.

Given all that, I have a good understanding post production – basically the digital side. Drawing by hand fairly new to me, but I try and use what techniques I have learnt to express a world that goes beyond the day to day.

A Very Good Service

I have twice bought pictures from Contempori, having viewed them online, and on both occassions the process was very easy and simple. Having made contact via phone and email, once payment was done the artwork was posted to me incredibly quickly with no extra charge. Contempori provide a very good service.

Val Tivoli, Stockton-on-Tees

Extremely Pleased with My Purchase

I am extremely pleased with the painting and my experience with Contempori! I was a little wary purchasing online, but I couldn’t be happier. With quality packaging, Contempori made very sure to keep the painting in perfect condition during transport. I’d definitely make another purchase.

E Thain, London

About Will

Contempori is curated by Will Cottrell, a serial entrepreneur and art aficionado.

Will has founded solar companies, magazines, ecommerce websites and holiday operator – all built on solid foundations of digital marketing.

Contemporary is his latest venture, and runs from where he lives near the Tate gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, UK.